SpamExperts – How to disable SpamExperts filtering

This guide details how to disable SpamExperts inbound mail filtering. This can be done per mailbox, or for an entire domain.

Accessing the SpamExperts dashboard
Open cPanel containing the email address/domain for which you’d like to disable SpamExperts.
Click the SpamExperts icon in the EMAIL section.

Click the Login link next to the relevant domain.


To disable SpamExperts for a Specific email address
Click the Mailbox Overview icon in the General section.

Switch to the Mailboxes tab

Click the + Add mailbox link.

  1. Enter the Mailbox name.
  2. Drop down the Filtered (Incoming) section and click No.
  3. Click Save to finish. This mailbox will no longer be filtered.


To disable SpamExperts for all email addresses

  1. Option 1 – wildcard all mailboxes
    Follow steps 1 and 2 above.
    In step 3 enter * for the Mailbox name.
  2. Option 2 – disable Filter mailboxes by default
    Click the Mailbox Overview icon in the General section.

Within the Configuration tab untick Filter mailboxes by default.

If you have any mailboxes configured in the Mailboxes tab you’ll also need to ensure Filtered (incoming) is set to No for each of them. When you visit the Mailboxes tab you’ll need to click the Show Results button to list any configured mailboxes.
Option 3 – disable quarantine
Click the Filter Settings button within the Incoming – Protection Settings section.

Please take note of the warning displayed before completing the further steps:

Untick the Quarantine enabled checkbox.

Click the Save button at the bottom to confirm your changes.